Design FOCUS

We have an extensive range of designs ready to use, but if you find these designs are not able to gain maximum advantage from your home site, we often advise our clients to choose a custom design.

Many home sites are historically smaller than you would prefer so the advantage of designing from scratch allows Urban Dwell the opportunity to squeeze and optimise every last centimetre from the site resulting in a better homes and ultimately a better sale or rental return. At Urban Dwell we pride ourselves in looking to get the puzzle of spaces and functions to work 100% and at the same time providing a clear and legible style.

The combined skills of the design and production teams are able to use the latest design software, to create 3D visualisations of your project, to help you with the many important decisions contributing to a successful outcome. By using this technology we are able to use form, materials, texture and colour to create striking designs, which will create added value.

Urban Dwell not only designs contemporary spaces, that the end users love, but we also design homes that capitalise on solar orientation to make sure the home will perform efficiently with regard to the energy required to run the home. We have found that the focus on ‘how’ the home interacts with the environments is becoming more and more important to our clients, and we are only too happy to provide advice on this subject.

Design FOCUS

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